My name is Caroline Abl, I'm from Austria, 29 years old and I grew up bilingual,
since my mom comes from Sweden. I moved to Sweden in January 2020 and 
I'm looking for a job as graphic/visual/UX designer right now.
After all the years of developing (studying and working),  I can describe myself as a graphic designer, not only with knowledge of graphic design but also with acquirements of:
•  branding,
•  illustration,
•  editorial design
•  basic web design
Currently, I'm also attending online courses on
UX/UI design.

I like to take care of my responsibilities with a high degree of independence.  As a communicative, open-minded person I like being part of a team, since a creative exchange often creates new perspectives.

When I'm not drawing in my sketchbook or immerse myself in design blogs, I like spending my free time with my friends, go to concerts, or go dancing. I love coffee and cakes, therefore, I'm a huge fan of the Swedish fika.
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