This is an UX/UI case study on ETH Honig website.
Project Info: Individual Design Exercise
Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator
I did the branding for ETH Honig - Bienen Ernst in 2019 and because I need to practice and improve my UX/UI design skills, I used the time during corona to design a website for him.
Collect Data, User Research
Briefing from Client

The first step (1) was, to get a briefing from the client, what he had in mind/expected and what goals should be reached with the website. 

- Show his products (honey)
- Sell his products (honey)
- Self-presentation (who is he, what does he do,
   which skills/knowledge does he have)

Building up image/knowledge and better information about his products and selling his products.
Comparative analyse

Next (2) I looked at comparative websites, how they were structured and how the webshop und shopping-process was designed.

Designing an appealing, user friendly website with an easy ordering form. 
Research: Articles & Talking
The third step (3) is going to be more information about users. I want to do some research on webshop experiences and I want to talk to some people, who do a lot of online shopping, about their experience with webshops and what they think is important and why.
Because I'm stuck at the user research phase till now, I decided to make another research for myself:
 I want to so see the difference between a website I would design based on the current informations I got and how it will look like after I also did the user research.
So this is the design I came up with:​​​​​​​
- Complete user research and evaluate
- Define problem statement and vision statement
- Understand the user: persona and user journey
- Ideate: user journey with solution
- Prototype: Sketches, wireframes, mock-ups, clickable-prototype
- User testing and considerations to revise the site (desktop & mobile)
- Implementation (Develop, Wordpress)
 - ... User testing
To be continued...!
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